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Tiffany Lockhart

Your USOA Ms. Virginia is Tiffany Lockhart, a 32 years old, mother of 6 year old twins Dalton Jacob and Annabella Grace.

She is a certified pharmacy technician, medical tech and CNA, with two years of Criminal law under her belt. Tiffany is an advocate for domestic violence as well as a survivor. Though, she does not let her past define her, she lets it build her. Her current advocacy is for Global Developmental Delays in honor of her son DJ (DJ’s purpose). She strives for community service, and wants to be able to support and give back to the community as much as possible. Her love for pageantry started in 2016 after her daughter and son also started competing. After struggling with self confidence and esteem and mental health for years, pageantry has been able to give back the confidence that she had been lacking for so long.

She hails from a small rural area of Southwest Virginia where the mountains are bold and beautiful, and coal keeps the lights on.

Currently living in Northern Virginia In the beautiful Loudoun Co she's spending majority of her time working in the private sector, also volunteering as much time possible for community service with the Ampersand Pantry Project and Mobile Hope of Loudoun.

Tiffany enjoys spending time with family and friends. Her favorite vacation spot is somewhere on a beach, yet she's never been outside of the states --not even on a cruise. She continues to enjoy being able to knocked items off her bucket list items and look forward to what the future and journey holds.